About Us

Coffee Pig Store specialize in coffee accessories, decoration, furniture and restaurant IT solution deliver to homes, offices and cafes. Our products includes coffee tampers, shot glass, tamping mat, group head brush, blind filter, milk jug, pour over coffee filter, moka pot, vietnamese coffee maker, latte art pen, chocolate shaker, cappuccino Stencils, coffee thermometer, timer, Da Vinci syrups, coffee green beans, coffee grinder, coffee roaster, blender, coffee mugs, industrial clock, furniture, website/shopping cart design/set up and many more.

“Coffee is more than just a drink; coffee is an obsession for me. I am addicted to the taste, the smell and the entire culture that has grown up around coffee worldwide. That’s why I started CoffeePig.com.au. I wanted a place to share my passion and everything I know.” – Sammy, Founder, Coffee Pig