Steaming Pitchers & Frothing

Steaming Pitchers & Frothing

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150mm Barista Coffee Milk Frothing Thermometer

150mm Barista Coffee Milk Frothing Thermometer Stainless Steel proble with jug and safety clip   This milk frothing thermometer features an easy to read dial, highlighting coffee serving temperature range.   Also includes an adjustable clip to suit different volume milk jugs and a protective sleeve for when the thermometer is not in use.   Stainless Steel Probe ..


700ml Tiamo Barista Latte Art Long Spout Milk Jug Pitcher HC7039

This is a high quality Tiamo branded milk jug. Made using thick metal meterial and designed with the long spout, which makes it ideal for performing latte art. Show off your skill as a barista and impress your customers with drinks decorated just for them. ..