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Coffee Arts Tools

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700ml Tiamo Barista Latte Art Long Spout Milk Jug Pitcher HC7039

This is a high quality Tiamo branded milk jug. Made using thick metal meterial and designed with the long spout, which makes it ideal for performing latte art. Show off your skill as a barista and impress your customers with drinks decorated just for them. ..


New Fine Espresso Coffee Cappuccino Barista Chocolate Shaker

This stainless steel chocolate shaker has a mesh top. The holes in the mesh (each approximately 1mm square) make it ideal for sprinkling fine toppings such as chocolate powder or nutmeg. It has a stainless steel body with a polished finish, and the top has a twist and lock design to make it easy to fill while ensuring it does not fall off while being used! This shaker can be used with almost any powdered topping, even sugar. When used with one of our coffee topping stencils you can add a fun design to the top of your cappuccino. Just hold the stencil above the surface of the drink and sprinkle over some chocolate (or other topping). Materials     Stainless Steel (hieght: ~ 7.5 cm diameter: ~5.5 cm) ..


New Stainless Steel High Quality Barista Latte Art Pen

With spoon & spike, this is the classic double-tool for perfect latte art (Length: 13.5 cm weight 7.0 g) ..